Jan. 15, 2019

Sentence 015 Let the cat out of the bag.

015 Can you find the odd-man-out?

Appearance   Daily routine   Desires   Likes and dislikes   Mental process   Some other verbs   Possession   Sensation – Perception

Leslie: You can see some words and expressions above. Can you find the Odd-Man-Out?

Charles C: I’m a mathematician and I’ve also read Philosophy, and with this background, I think that any of these headwords can be the odd-man-out.

L: I guess you are right here. Almost all odd-man-out – tests can be tricked like that and we have to accept the answers as valid.  

What if we limit our scope to the English language, and to the headwords as categories in the English language?

CC: Then, I’m not such a big-mouth as I was before. Can you give me a hint?

L: OK. The answer is related to one of the Four Dilemmas, i. e. the Continuous Form – Continuous Meaning Dilemma.

CC: Yesterday, you promised to let the cat out of the bag. Which is the odd-man-out?

L: The ’Daily routine’.

CC: Why?

L: Because Verbs under the ’Daily routine’-headword can be in any Tense, depending on the situation, but the Verbs under all the other headwords are Non-Conclusive Verbs.

CC: What does that mean?

L: There two important characteristics.

One is about their Form:  they cannot be used in the Progressive [Continuous] Tenses in their Original Meaning.

The other is about the Meaning: if I use these Verbs, I cannot start or finish the Action in the Verb at my own will.

CC: What is Non-Conclusive?

L: Quite understandably, it comes from ’Conclusive’. It means that I can draw a conclusion; in other words, I can finish the Action to draw a conclusion. If I can finish an Action, I can start it, too.

CC: Then, Non-Conclusive is the total opposite: I cannot start and I cannot finish at my own will.

L: Exactly.

CC: Can we see under the cover of the headwords?

L: Sure. Under ’Appearance’ we can find ’seem’, ’appear’ and ’look’.

Under ’Desires’ we’ll find ’want’, ’need’, ’wish’ and ’desire’.

Under ’Likes and dislikes’ there are ’like’, ’love’, ’hate’ and ’envy’.

Under ’Mental process’ we can find ’Think that’, ’Consider that’, ’Remember’, ’Wonder’, ’Expect’, ’Realize’, ’Forget’, ’Believe’, ’Know’ and ’Understand’.

Under ’Possession’ we’ll find ’Have’, ’Own’ and ’Belong to’.

Under ’Sensation - Perception’ there are ’See’, ’Hear’, ’Feel’, ’Taste’, ’Smell’ and ’Sound’.

Under ’Other Verbs’ we can find ’Mean’, ’Matter’, ’Contain’ and ’Keep’.

If you go back to 012 and 013 in this Blog, you can see two of the Non-Conclusive Verbs mentioned here in operation.

This Entry is really an extension of those two.