Jan. 14, 2019

Sentence 014 Let the cat out of the bag.

014 One of my friend is a drummer.

014 One of my friend’s is a drummer.

014 One of my friends is a drummer.

Leslie: Which of these sentences is the worst?

Giselle: I think the second: ’One of my friend’s is a drummer.’

L: Why?

G: Because there are two mistakes in it. One is that ’friend’s’ is Singular and it should be Plural. The ’s doesn’t make it Plural.

L: You are right. What is the other problem?

G: The ’s itself. I can’t tell you but it is strange.

L: Right again. The ’s doesn’t make it Plural because it is in the Possessive Case. It indicates Ownership and it should have an Object to show what your friend owns.

G: Now, I see.

L: Which Sentence is also wrong?

G: ’One of my friend is a drummer.’

L: Why?

G: Because it is Singular and it should be Plural. With a Plural Noun, it means ’one of more, or one of many’.

L: Do you think it should be formally Plural, or Plural in Meaning?

G: Sorry, I don’t understand.

L: OK. What if we use ’the group’, or ’the band’? These are Plural in their Meaning but not in their Form.

G: Now, I see. What is important is the Plural Meaning; if you can give it with a Singular Noun, it’s perfectly alright.

L: Can you give other examples for Singular form with Plural Meaning?

G: I can give one or two, but I’m interested in more if it’s OK. ’Family’ is one.

L: Good. And we call People in the Family ’Members’ or ’Relatives’.

G: By the way, ’People’ is another one.

L: You are right, and we call a Group of Citizens ’People’.

Here, we can make a long list of Groups, followed by the Members in the Group.

Sometimes, we also need a definition or a paraphrase of either the Group or its Members. Some of you will be surprised by the high number of such Groups that exist in English.

  • Animal Group – different animals
  • Cattle – cows
  • Herd – sheep
  • Swineherd – hogs, pigs
  • Flock – birds
  • Pack – wolves
  • Shoal – fish
  • Army – Soldiers
  • Navy - Marines 
  • Air Force – pilots, crew, and land support
  • Assembly – Members of a Church, also Members of a sort of Parliament
  • Band – musicians
  • Board – Directors and other Executives
  • Brotherhood – Members of an Organization who are united for a Common Purpose
  • Caucus – Members of a Political Special Interest Group
  • Circle – Members of a Group who share a Common Interest in Science or Culture
  • Class – Members of a Social Stratum
  • Clique – Members of a Special Interest Group who tend to exclude others
  • Collection – Objects collected for their price, value or beauty
  • Colony – a Group of People who have gone to live in a Colony
  • Committee – a Group of People who are chosen to do a certain task
  • Community – a Group of people with a common background
  • Congregation – the Members of a Specific Church
  • Contingent – Members of a Group of Military Personnel
  • Council – a Group of People elected to Govern a District
  • Crew – Ship’s Staff, or Staff on an Aircraft
  • Delegation – a Group of People Chosen to Represent Somebody
  • Dream Team – a Group of handpicked [Basketball] Players
  • Dyad – a Group of Two People in Sociology – a Minimal Group
  • Ensemble – a Group of Dancers, Actors, or Musicians who Perform Together
  • Faculty – the Teaching Staff of a certain University Division
  • Flashmob – a Spontaneous Gathering of People
  • Focus Group – a small Group of Representative People who are Questioned about their Opinion
  • Foursome – a Group of 4 People taking part in an Activity Together
  • Fraction – a Part or Element of a Larger Group
  • Gang – a Group of Criminals
  • Generation – a Group of Contemporaries
  • Depression Era Generation – Born 1912-1921
  • World War II Generation – Born 1922-1927
  • Post-War Cohort – Born 1928-1945
  • Baby Boomers – Born 1946-1954
  • Boomer II – Born 1955-1965
  • Generation X – Born 1966-1976
  • Generation Y – Born 1977-1994
  • Generation Z – Born 1995-2012
  • Harem – the Wives and Concubines in a Traditional Muslim Home
  • House – All Members of the House of Representatives
  • In-Goup – Mmebers of a Group of People who share Common Interests, Values or Attitudes
  • Jury – usually 12 People chosen to Give a Verdict on a Legal Case
  • League – a Group of Sports Clubs
  • Line-Up – a List of Players chosen to Start a Game
  • Lobby – Members of a Group trying to Influence Policy
  • Mafia – Members of a Secret Criminal Organization
  • Majority – Greater number of People or Things
  • Media – Television, Radio, Printed Press and the Internet
  • Minority – Smaller number of People or Things
  • Mob – a Large and Unruly Crowd of People
  • Movement – a Collective Effort by a Large Group of People
  • Nation – People of Same Ethnicity
  • New Wave – New and Innovative Movement in the Arts
  • Orchestra – a Group of Players usually Playing Classical Music
  • Pair – a Group of Two People
  • Party – a Group of People who are Doing Something Together
  • Peer Group – Members of a Group of Equals
  • Phalanx – a Group of Soldiers attacking in Close Formation
  • Police – an Organized Group of People whose job is Maintaining Order
  • Public – the Community as a Whole
  • Rank – a Line of Soldiers Standing Side by Side
  • Rank and File – the Majority of a Group or Organization
  • Relay – Members of a Replacement Team, as in 4x 100 m
  • Ring – a Group of People operating Dishonestly or Unethically
  • Sect – Members of a Nonmainstream Religious Group
  • Section – a Group of People forming a Unit within a Larger group
  • SIG – Special Interest Group
  • Sisterhood – a Group of Women who have Shared Goals
  • Squad – One of Three or Four Groups of Soldiers that make up a Platoon
  • Staff – People who Work for a Leader
  • Steering Committee – a Group of Selected People who Set up Agendas
  • Syndicate – a Group of People who Combine to Carry out a Business
  • Table – a Group of People Sitting at a Table
  • Team – Cooperatively Functioning Group
  • Think Tank – Committee of Experts who Do Research or Give Advice
  • Tribe – a Division of a Society who have Common Ancestors
  • Trinity – a Group of Three