Jan. 3, 2019

Sentence 003 Let the cat out of the bag

Leslie: Which of the three Sentences is incorrect?

Flora: ’It rained a lot this season.’

L: Why?

F: Because there is a Time Marker in the Sentence: ’this season’ and it is Non-Past. The Sentence is ’It rained a lot this season.’ and it is Past Simple Tense. The Time and Tense don’t agree.

L: You are right. The Time is Non-Past and it is manifest, i. e. it is clear to see or understand through the Time Marker. The Time makes the Tense and Non-Past Time can only make Non-Past Tense. Is this Sentence the worst?

F: No. There is an even worse Sentence here and it is ’It raining a lot this season.’

L: Why is it worse than the previous Sentence?

F: Because it is not a Sentence.

L: Why do you think so?

F: Because it has no Verb. ’Raining’  is not a Verb. If there is no Verb, there is no Sentence.

L: Then, we have found the correct Sentence. Can you help me?

F: Yes, and it is ’It has rained a lot this season.’

L: Fine.