Dec. 25, 2018

Sentence 000 Probe

000 I missed my train this morning.

Leslie: Is there a Time Marker in the sentence?

Kriszti (28): Yes. It is ’this morning’.

L: Yes and No. A real Time Marker marks Absolute Time, i. e. one that makes the Tense; ’this morning’ is more an Adverb of Time since ’this morning’ may mean any Time, Past, Present or Future, or to match it to our System, Past or Non-Past. The real meaning of ’this morning’ depends on the context.

K: I thought that this is a Past Time Marker because it has made Past Tense.

L: Correct. As we’ll see later, many sentences in Course Books and Grammar Books are half-defined, i. e. they may mean many different things. Only the context, or, for solo sentences, a Horizontal Extension can limit the multiple meanings into one.

K: What is a Horizontal Extension?

L:  I’ll give you an example for ’I missed my train this morning’. I will talk about it as long as you understand the same as I do.

I usually get up at 6:00 a. m. I have a shower, get dressed, have breakfast with my family, clean my teeth, kiss goodbye to my family, and leave home at 7:20 to catch my train at 7:40.

This morning, however, I woke up just before 7 o’clock, did everything in a rush, missed my breakfast, ran to the station and could only see the beautiful back of my train as it pulled out of the station.

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