01 I am the youngest in my family.

01 I am the youngest in my family. For an Explanation, CLICK HERE.

02 Mr and Mrs Wing are teachers at the local elementary school.

03 There is a big red dictionary on the desk.

04 My friend was the Chief Engineer of a big company in the '90s.

05 There were two Pakistani students in my class last autumn.

06 I do a lot of exercises every day.

07 Dorothy always does her homejoy right after class.

08 Yesterday, my son did the biggest puzzle all afternoon.

09 I have been to Rome five times so far.

10 There has been no rain for the last three months.

11 My grandmother had been very ill before she died.

12 We shall go on a cruise this summer.

13 Their whole family will buy presents for the newly wed.

14 Applicants to this job should be in good health.

15 My lady friend would like to travel round the world on a big liner.

16 At the Chinese Market, you can buy a bag full of food for less than 15 euros.

17 I could play football very well when I was in the secondary school.

18 My friend may come over to play chess tonight.

19 There might be a storm later this evening.

20 You must see the doctor with your headache.

21A We all need some time to relax.