Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 09 Number

This Diagram shows that 5 out of the 24 Anomalous Finites are limited to Singular Nouns. It also shows that 19 out of the 24 Anomalous Finites are open to both Singular and Plural Nouns.

None of the 24 Anomalous Finites is limited to Plural Nouns.



Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 08 Person

This is a territory where we need a great deal of Intelligent Drilling and it must be based on the Listening Skill. We normally start with the 3rd Person Singular to avoid the Change in the Person with the Change in the Form.

We follow the Method that is widely used in Dilemmatic Grammar, i. e. we create a whole story for every Example Sentence by Horizontal Extension.

Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 07 Time

Here we follow the logics detailed in Dilemmatic Grammar. In the First Dilemma, we make a very clear distinction between Time and Tense and it is vitally important if we want to build a Comprehension-Based, rather than a Knowledge-Based Learning Environment.

Very sadly, Prescriptive Grammars deal mainly with the English Tense System and pay little attention to Time, the heart and soul of Living English. Here in this Blog we try to take a different approach thus helping the LD Students, including the Concrete Thinker Students.

Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 06 Contraction

Contraction is a very important device with which we can make a piece of English more speech-like. In English an omitted letter is usually marked with an apostrophy.

It helps the speaker keep the natural rhythm of the language. 

Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 05 Verbals 2

Some of the Jumpwords leave behind one or more Verbals that were there before the Jump. We need to identify these Verbals by studying the New Structure and by comparing it with the Old Structure.

Some other Jumpwords leave behind New Verbals that were not there before the Jump. These New Verbals take the information content of the original Main Verbs rather than the Jumpwords that are empty from the point of view of Information.

Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 04 Verbals

When the Jumpword jumps and leaves nothing behind, the Subject will touch the Subject Complement or the Dummy Subject will touch the Subject.

When the Jumpword jumps and leaves a Verbal behind, there are a high number of variations, as we'll see later.

Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 03 Visibility

Three of the 24 Anomalous Finites cannot be seen in a Positive Sentence and my Concrete Thinker Students have to learn how to find them.

It is one of the vitally important skills we have to develop right from the start and never give up ever after.

Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 02 Friends of Not

Only the 24 Anomalous Finites can combine with the negative adverb not thus making either the whole sentence or part of the sentence negative.

Most of the Anomalous Finites can be contracted into a short form with not but others stay separate words.

Now read on to learn more about the word NOT:

'not [not]

1.  forming negatives: a negative adverb used to form structures indicating that something is to no degree or in no way the case or conveying the general notion "no."

It is often used to express refusal, denial, or the negation of a statement just made.
(often contracted in spoken and informal written English to "n't")
Don't you think you've done enough?
Not every household has a dishwasher.
There's nothing in my account, not one cent.
Not only was the meal expensive, the service was bad, too.
2.  sentence substitute: used as a sentence substitute when indicating denial, refusal or negation, in order to avoid repetition
"Won't you come with us?" "Certainly not."
I don't think I'll be late, at least I hope not.
3.  indicating opposite: tagged onto the end of a statement to indicate that the truth is the opposite of what has been stated (humorous)
You're really going to enjoy this - not!

[14th century. Contraction of nought ]

not at all used as a polite way of acknowledging somebody's thanks
not that used to introduce a clause that explicitly denies something that the listener might infer from a previous or subsequent statement
I'm actually seeing her tonight. Not that it's any of your business!

See knot1.
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Anomalous Finites: Venn Diagram 01 Jumpwords

The Diagram shows that the 24 Anomalous Finites make the English Language dynamic by jumping into question-word position.

There has been a rapid change in the last few decades in the use of some of the Anomalous Finites and the Power-Centre of this change has been the influence of American English upon British English.

For more or more particular details please visit the Families - Encarta section of this Blog.