Nov. 21, 2018

Short Intro

I am Leslie Simonfalvi, director of the International Teacher Training & Development College in Budapest, Hungary. I am very happy to see you here and now I want to introduce myself shortly. I am a teacher and a teacher trainer. At ITTDC we teach English for speakers of other languages (TESOL) and train teachers to do the same.

We follow the Humanistic – Person-Centered Approach to People, the Communicative Approach to the Language, and the Total Quality Education Principles to Educational Management.

Presently I am most deeply involved in creating a Comprehension-Based, rather than a Knowledge-Based Society, i. e. learning environment. Most countries try hard to become a Knowledge-Based Society. This trend creates more problems than it solves because very often we know too much and understand too little. In my opinion, it would be a better aim if we could create a Comprehension-Based Society. This problem is especially serious in Blended Learning and other partly or wholly virtual learning environment, where knowledge is relatively easy to provide but the lack of comprehension can cause grave problems.

Another fashionable slogan in most countries is Life-Long Learning which is a serious threat for people who experience a great deal of stress through learning. Because of this, our main task is to make teacher training and teaching and learning enjoyable and effective. If we can do that, there is no need to persuade anyone to do it life-long.

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Leslie Simonfalvi


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